Microsoft® Popfly™

Microsoft® Popfly™ is the fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, games, Web pages, and applications.

Create game from template
Create Games. Popfly is a simple way to create and share games with your friends. Choose from a variety of built-in templates or start from scratch to create a side scrolling game, a 2D shoot-em-up, or a host of others. And best of all, you can get started without writing a line of code.
Build Mashups. Mashups are a kind of application that take information from many places and mix it together. With Popfly's mashup creator you'll be able to take photos, RSS feeds, and many other kinds of information and combine them to create your own personalized view of the web.
Build a mashup
Whack-a-mole with friends
Design a Web Page. Always wanted to create a web page but thought it was too hard? Popfly makes it easy with its simple web page creator.
...and Much More. Popfly makes it easy to place your creations into your blog, your Facebook page, or even make them into Windows Vista sidebar gadgets. And it's fully integrated with Visual Studio™ so as you gain experience you can upgrade to professional-quality tools.
Popfly Explorer
Side scroller game
Make your own game. If you have an idea for a game but don't want to learn to program, Popfly is an easy way to get started making it real. No coding is required, and Popfly supplies a large library of actors, images, and sounds so you can get started quickly.
Try recreating one of the classics, like creating a personal version of Space Invaders™ in just a couple of minutes. And if you ever feel you're running out of power, Popfly makes it easy to step into the source code and take full control.
Space shooter game
Photo carousel
Display your images, your way. If you have photos on a web site like Flickr™ or Windows® Live™ Spaces, Popfly can quickly convert them into a variety of attractive display formats and embed them into any blog, Facebook page, or even turn them into a Windows Vista® sidebar gadget with the click of a button.
Map information with Popfly. Whether it's your Twitter friends, photos, or something like earthquake activity, Popfly makes it simple to put information onto a map so you can see it and share it with your friends.
Map mashup
World of Warcraft Facebook app
Do you use Facebook? Do you want a more custom experience? All Popfly creations can be embedded in your Facebook page to make it truly yours. And Popfly even comes with full Facebook support for games like Halo 3™ and World of Warcraft™.

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