Chrome Grabs 1% in One Day!

Google Chrome went live today. I had a chance to play around with it a bit and like what I see. This qualifies as one of those products that is best experimented with as opposed to read about, so head on over to and download it for your self. At worst you will have wasted five minutes of your time. Alternatively, you may have found a nice back up web browser, or even your new main web browser.

I am sticking with Fire Fox as my main web browser for now, but as I continue to experiment with Chrome, who knows?

Download the Chrome from here
Check the Press conference
Also dont forget to check a book on Chrome ..

And Add to this...

According to research conducted StatCounter, Google’s new browser, Chrome, has taken 1% of the global browser market within a day of launch.

Google’s unusual step of publicising the Chrome browser on its notoriously clutter-free homepage is an indication of the plans that Google has for this browser…

“This is a phenomenal performance,” commented Aodhan Cullen, “this is war on Microsoft but the big loser could be Firefox.”

While Google may have the Internet Explorer market share in its sights, the fact that many Firefox users are more “mobile” as far as browser use is concerned, may impact on the current Firefox market share.

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