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Inspired from a video I saw some days back on Youtube, Here is the gist of the new product from the freedom lines of Google which will be launched if Google+ doesn’t proves to be a success..!!!
The new product will be named as “Google Minus”.
You won’t have to beg for a beta invite or a sign-up. If you use Gmail, Google- will automatically be added to your google bar.

Google is being really smart here because they have realized that the reason most people will just stick with Facebook is because it is too much of a hassle to start over on a new network and build up friends from scratch. So on google- every members starts as friend with every other member and you can narrow or minimize your social network by subtracting friends.
You have a universal feed and you can mute every post that you don’t like. There is also a dislike button and a thumbs down button because these days majority of status updates are pretty depressing and being able to dislike stuff will is much awaited.
Google- also has a feature of street alert. So, when you go anywhere with your smart phone and you have to had your Gmail enabled as your main email account for this to work. Whenever you pass someone else who uses google- you both will be sent street alerts linking to the other persons profile. It is a great way to make friends with total strangers who can’t be Internet creepers because you met in the real world.
There is also a voice chat option that connects you with a randomized friend from your network to be in touch with each other, making this even simpler.
And a feature that automatically writes happy birthday on your friends profiles for you which you can customize with all options like exclamation “Happy Birthday!!” or all caps: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.
There are a lot of people who are more interested in thumbs down and dislike more than liking some-one’s status or any posts.!!
You this will bring a revolution in anti-social networking..!!! (This will happen if Google is again defeated by Facebook in social networking).
And beware, you don’t still have an option of “-1” this post, so better do “+1” this post if you liked (or hated) this post..!!!!! :p

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