Sony DCR-DVD 105

I just got a Sony DCR-DVD 105..

Most of the reviews that I read for this product were positive and in, the average user rating for this product was 7, which is not bad. What ’s consistent among all the reviews was the great video, audio quality and its 20x optical zoom. The only problems I read about it were transferring the video and editing the video in the PC. It doesn’t have a Firewire or USB port coz all files are saved into the DVD and customers complain about the software provided which is Nero Express 6.

I Google searched about this and found suggestions on how to transfer and edit the video files but they didn’t provide a clear solution to it. So what I did was make a short recording using the camcorder, finalized the disc and loaded it into my PC. I looked for the VOB file and copied it into the PC and converted it into a WMV file using WinAVI Video Converter. Then I edited the WMV file using Ulead Video Studio 10.

Transferring files to PC:
1. Load finalized disc into CD-ROM
2. Browse disc and search for VOB or JPEG files
3. Copy & paste to any folder in your hard drive
(VOB files can be opened using Cyberlink PowerDVD or any DVD playing program)

Editing video files in your PC:

You’ll need:
1. video converter
2. video editing software

1. Load finalized disc into CD-ROM.
2. Browse through the disc and look for the VOB file/s.
3. Using a video converter, convert the VOB file to AVI, MPEG or WMV file.
4. Edit the file (AVI, MPEG or WMV) using the video editing software.

There are video converters and video editing software that you can download for free. All you have to do is do a search in Google. Another option is todownload the trial version of commercial products. If you’re looking for the Picture Perfect software, leave a comment or contact me and I’ll tell you where you could get it.

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